Saturday, 25 February 2012

Beaded Ring Tutorial

This post is a tutorial on how to make a ring out of (mostly) 2mm plastic beads. It can be a little fiddly but the tutorial for this is much easier to follow than the mouse ball charm tutorial I posted up a while back.

A ring made out of plastic beads is a nice alternative to metal (especially if you are allergic to metals). Also using fishing line to thread the beads gives the ring some flexibility, but you can use wire if you want the front detailing to lie flatter (rather than rounded).

White and pale blue bead ring

Blue and White bead ring

To make this ring you will need:

Fishing line
2mm beads in white X 42 (depends on how large you want to make the main band of the ring)
2mm beads in blue X 13 (depends on how large you want to make the main band of the ring)
4mm Swarovski beads X 8 

1) All you need to do is use one long one piece of fishing line thread one bead onto it.

2) Let the bead fall about half way down the fishing line, make sure that you have equal lengths of fishing line      on either side of the bead.

3)Then keep threading beads on both ends of the fishing line and make sure that both ends of the fishing line cross through the middle bead.

4) Keep going until you reach the desired band length, use both ends of the fishing line to cross through the first bead you threaded.

Beaded Ring Tutorial Diagram

Bead Rings


  1. How cute...I love it...wish I was a beader...I have shared your tutorial over on my Freebies for Crafters blog too if thats okay.
    Thanks Khris

    1. Thanks for sharing my tutorial Khris, it is much appreciated! xx

  2. I love it!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing the tutorial.

    1. I'm glad you like it, hopefully I will get will be able to post more up in the future. xx

  3. really liked to ring,so i made one for myself. many thanks.

    1. Thanks Pat, I would love to see a pic of your creation!